With more than 10 years of experience in business consulting, we are experts in the following topics:


Exponential growth

Following the ExO methodology, we help people and organizations apply techniques that create disruptive innovation that help them grow exponentially.



We help you organice your business plan and identify new opportunities be successful with your start up.



We help you in your internationalization process and help you design your marketing, financial and logistics strategies.


Business Architecture

In alliance with Dataifx, we have the best team that will help you identify your business requirements, define the optimal architecture and develop the software that your company needs. 


Project Management

We help you structure and manage your investments projects and help you carry out the capital raising.


Technological Transformation

We help your company transform, innovating in processes, products and services.




Through a co-creation process, we help you maximize your personal and professional potential. We use PNL strategies, quantum physics, psychology and strategic planning that will help you achieve all your goals, make better decisions, heal and improve your health, among others.


Meditation workshops

There are many ways to meditate, in our workshop we will explore several techniques for you to try and adopt the one with which you feel most identified and that allows you to balance your brain and your energy levels in the best way.


Yoga Workshops

Yoga Flow workshops and classes, which is a more active yoga style that help you raise your energy levels, balance your chakras and exercise. 



Healing technique through laying on hands, which is used to obtain peace and balance your energy at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Healthy life program

With the help of a certified coach in healthy eating and a physical trainer, we design a plan according to your life style, goals and needs.



Mental programming

We give you guidelines to program your child to be the best version of himself and grow free of fears, loving himself and with the confidence and security of reaching his goals.


Reprogramming of mental viruses

We teach you to reprogram your children from the subconscious to be sure of themselves, eat healthy, love, value and have greater security in their school life.


Motivational techniques for achieving goals

Do you want your children to learn to eat fruits and vegetables, to be more disciplined and responsible and to do better in school? With these motivation strategies you will achieve what you thought was impossible to achieve with them.


Recommendations for adopting parents

As the mother of a natural daughter and of an adopted daughter, Marcela Sierra can guide you in your adoption decision and accompany you in the process, helping you to better understand the relationship between mother and child, which has deeper roots than our reality. allows to understand.