Marcela Sierra

Marcela Sierra is an international negotiator at Eafit University, with Masters in Finance and Economics from the South Queensland University of Australia and Corporate Finance from the University of Barcelona, Spain.

She works as Commercial and Administrative VP of Dataifx, is a founding partner of Capital VG, is a business consultant and has helped hundreds of companies and people to structure projects, grow their businesses, achieve their dreams and BE HAPPY.

Marcela has been practicing meditation for more than 25 years. She is a certified yoga teacher for children and adults by Atmananda Holistic Center of New York and Creative Kids Yoga, endorsed by Moving Spirit LLC, NH, USA.

Currently, the certification process is Life Coach.

Marcela is the mother of 2 beautiful girls, one biological and the other adopted, and she has understood that her greatest mission in this life is to serve others based on her experience and the multiple knowledge she has accumulated in 25 years of studies in oriental philosophies. .

Marcela has successfully integrated her financial and managerial knowledge with millenary wisdoms, developing a unique method that combines the exact sciences with Eastern philosophy thus creating a form of extraordinary growth.